Board of Directors Search

Transformational direction for PE-backed companies.

Investors take too long to build out their board of directors post close. The faster and earlier investors fill key experience gaps on their board, the better integrated and more effective the board will be in serving the company’s strategic interests. Yet, finding the board member with the background needed to deliver value requires a rigorous vetting process. Relying on proprietary research methods and extensive experience built from servicing investors across all industries, Apex Leaders sources the most relevant and experienced executives to serve on your board of directors. Through a Board of Directors Search, we introduce investors and management teams to executives who align with the desired Director profile. We understand the nuances of investors’ needs and that of their portfolio companies and leverage that knowledge to zero in on the best industry leaders that will augment your management team’s collective experience.

Apex Leaders conducts a rigorous vetting process which not only highlights an executive’s accomplishments, but digs into –

Challenges they've faced and how they handled adversity
Ability to influence others
Required leadership and collaborative skill sets
Committed to your success, Apex Leaders continues vetting and presenting executives until you select the best fit.

We deliver

Board of Directors Candidates

We introduce investors and their management teams to experienced operators and respected former executives who spent their career developing expertise in your industry. These leaders help:
  • Assist with business development
    and strategy design
  • Facilitate growth into adjacent
    industry segments, or new
    geographic regions
  • Improve infrastructure capabilities
  • Navigate regulatory environments
    and approval processes
  • Position the company for sale to a
    strategic buyer

I really appreciated the high level of professionalism experienced throughout this process. Both Apex Leaders and their client were great to work with and fully knowledgeable.

Ron Holt

President and CEO,EFI Global

Apex Leaders is excellent across the board. They’ve found us great advisors in a timely manner, and have kept working through issues once we found a primary operator. We always appreciate the team’s thoroughness and persistence on our behalf.

Sam G. Astor

Partner,Atlas Holdings

Apex Leaders provides us advisors quickly while holding quality to the highest standard, giving us the best opportunity to go after the right deals.

Thomas Shi

Vice President,Flexpoint Ford

Working with Apex Leaders has fundamentally changed how we operate. The people they have working with us are top notch, really outstanding.

Luke Plumpton

Partner,O2 Investments

Today’s market is so competitive, you’ve got to be more than just smart to win. Working with Apex Leaders on a retainer basis gives us the edge on every deal we’re serious about.

Stephen King

Founding Partner,Prairie Capital

One of our firm-wide mantras is that ‘victory belongs to the perseverant’ and the Apex Leaders team has demonstrated that with aplomb! Thanks so much again.

Jason Perri

Partner,American Industrial Partners

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