Apex Leaders is One of the Best Places to Work in Idaho

On Thursday, April 14th, 2017, 50 Idaho companies were presented with a “Best Places to Work in Idaho” award. Apex Leaders is proud to announce they’ve made the list yet again!

“Apex Leaders started in 2009 in Silicon Valley.  By 2012, we knew we had a successful business and we could do our work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  After searching across the country, we decided Boise would be the perfect place to relocate. In this region, we saw a talented labor pool with which we could grow a strong team, a place where we could have balanced lives with incomparable access to the outdoors, and a place we could start and grow our families. We made the jump to this incredible place and have never looked back!”

Patrick West, Vice President, Apex Leaders


How We Were Measured

Companies from across the state entered the competition. Winners were determined through a statewide survey, which was designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best places of employment in Idaho, benefitting the state’s economy, its’ workforce, and businesses.

The first portion of the competition consisted of evaluating each nominated company’s workplace policies, practices, and demographics.  The second portion consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience.  The combined score determined the top companies and the final ranking.  Best Places to Work in Idaho is managed by POPULUS, who conducts the registration, survey, and data analysis processes.


What This Award Represents

‘Best of Idaho’ is our way of showing that ‘even’ a small business can demonstrate care and competitive benefits that rival larger companies in Idaho and surrounding states. It’s also a means to measure our organization’s culture.

We believe “what is measured, improves”, but we also believe our business is stronger when we consider more than one metric or point of reference. In addition to this award, Apex Leaders enlists the help of The Table Group to help us measure health in fundamental dimensions of our team. Every quarter, we measure accountability, commitment, conflict, and trust individually and collectively, compared to the previous three months. The results of our dedicated focus on culture speak for themselves. Over seven years, we’ve grown to be ranked the healthiest team in The Table Group’s history.

“Apex Leaders,  you now officially test out as the healthiest team I have ever worked with. And that’s across 170 teams over the past 3+ years. Really outstanding!…Maybe the most amazing thing is that you are at the 3.75/4 mark or higher in EVERY ONE of the 38 items on the assessment. I’ve never seen that before. Congrats and give my best to the team!”

Mike McHargue, Principal Consultant, Table Group Consulting


Why Culture is Our Number One

The culture of Apex Leaders runs deeper than “beer Fridays.”  Of course, you’ll see us kicking back at restaurants downtown for team lunches and fun outings, but that is just one way we strengthen the shared level of trust and commitment to our organization’s health.

Most importantly, we’ve designed a team where our core values are ingrained in every decision we make. Whether it is the head of the company or a new associate, we acknowledge and reward our colleagues when they demonstrate our values in their daily actions. We pride ourselves on eliminating side meetings and organizational politics. At Apex Leaders, unproductive behaviors are replaced with proactive efforts to seek out what’s on the mind of our team, engage in open dialogue, and enlist our colleagues’ diverse opinions in decision-making. These daily practices make our small company mighty.


What This Means For You

Born in Silicon Valley and grown in Boise, Idaho, we blend the best of both worlds. Work is balanced with life outside of four walls. We enjoy flexibility and expect mutual accountability. We challenge each other, speak candidly, engage in constructive conflict, and ultimately support the team when a decision has been made. We weigh the best interests of our clients with the best interests of our team. We compensate our team well and reward each other in meaningful ways for excellent behaviors and innovative thinking. We go to great lengths to ensure that our values are not just empty words. You can trust that Apex Leaders has an eye on excellence, fairness and fun.


Who is Apex Leaders

Apex Leaders helps private equity investors develop conviction to commit or walk. Our comprehensive understanding of M&A’s human capital needs, coupled with our deal specific approach, provides unrivaled access to industry leaders throughout every stage of the investment lifecycle. In addition to the benefits provided to our clients, our advisors are afforded unique opportunities to develop longer term consulting arrangements, potential board positions, or operator roles with the companies that they advise.  For more information, please visit our Company Overview and Partnership Philosophy and Team pages.

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