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Conducting due diligence in niche industries requires a bespoke process to engage the most relevant advisors. In contrast to transactional networks, we custom-recruit experts specific to the deal and thoroughly vet each advisor to the specific questions you have ensuring a depth of knowledge which is unmatched.  After the initial call, you own the relationship directly with the advisors which ensures that you build a lasting network of trusted advisors that provides your firm a unique edge.

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Our clients rate all advisors we send their way so we can tell if we’re on track or if we need to quickly pivot our advisor search.

River Guides

100% of Apex Leaders’ clients have engaged with a River Guide this year who assisted them on a live deal.

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We aim to deliver an unparalleled experience, so we let our private equity clients grade us on how well we do each quarter .

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Apex Leaders Enhances Investment Returns for Private Equity.

Our clients prosper by leveraging flexible advisor relationships throughout the investment lifecycle. Whether you need a range of conversations with subject matter experts, a long-term diligence partner, or transformational board members, we provide you ungated access to the right individuals so you can develop a knowledge advantage against competitors. These industry experts are your River Guides. Throughout the deal process, they help you distinguish your firm as a preferred buyer and confidently invest. Watch our video to learn more about Apex Leaders’ differentiated process.

Apex Leaders is excellent across the board. They’ve found us great advisors in a timely manner, and have kept working through issues once we found a primary operator. We always appreciate the team’s thoroughness and persistence on our behalf.

Sam G. Astor

Partner, Atlas Holdings

Apex Leaders provides us advisors quickly while holding quality to the highest standard, giving us the best opportunity to go after the right deals.

Thomas Shi

Vice President, Flexpoint Ford

Working with Apex Leaders has fundamentally changed how we operate. The people they have working with us are top notch, really outstanding.

Luke Plumpton

Partner, O2 Investments

Today’s market is so competitive, you’ve got to be more than just smart to win. Working with Apex Leaders on a retainer basis gives us the edge on every deal we’re serious about.

Stephen King

Founding Partner, Prairie Capital

One of our firm-wide mantras is that ‘victory belongs to the perseverant’ and the Apex Leaders team has demonstrated that with aplomb! Thanks so much again.

Jason Perri

Partner, American Industrial Partners

Apex Leaders is an essential part of our due diligence toolkit. Their level of service goes far beyond what is typical of other similar providers, in terms of advisor recommendations and daily interactions. We are very happy partners with Apex Leaders, and place high value on their continued service.

Mike Booth

Partner, Calvert Street Capital

Apex Leaders provides a high-quality service and drives measurable value in helping us make better investment decisions as firm. I’ve been extremely impressed with the responsiveness of the team, as well as how quickly they immerse themselves in whatever project we are working on. Apex consistently demonstrates their dedicated focus on our needs as investors.

Sahil Bloom

Vice President, Altamont Capital

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Case Study

Sector Thesis Guides First-Ever Investment in the Drone Sector

Pfingsten Partners wanted to focus on drone racing. But, they didn’t yet have a firm grasp on this niche part of the drone market; and so, they turned to Apex Leaders for an industry evaluation.

Apex Insights

When Is a Board Member Search NOT a Board Member Search?

TLDR Recording-breaking private capital activity by more than 1,000 firms is increasing competition for board member candidates Win by being prepared: establish qualifications, define compensation, align expectations, nail down logistics, etc.: white paper: “A Practical Guide to Board Member Searches” Start early with bespoke advisors who can provide guidance on potential deals and become board candidates According to Pitchbook, 1,064 funds raised a record $888 billion last year. As a result, competition for board members is increasing. That means private equity (PE) firms must step up their game if they want to land great candidates in the crowded field of board member searches.

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