Standout investments forged with world-class leaders

Skin/Wound Care Products

Key issues/concerns, or desired skill set/experience sought:

  • Successful cosmeceutical executive with passion for marketing
  • Experience with physician dispensing market, research and development, and manufacturing
  • Training in consumer packaged goods managerial program
  • Experience working with entrepreneurial ventures

Highlighted Relationships:

  • SVP of Marketing – Adams Respiratory Therapeutics (former)
  • President & CEO – Obagi Medical Products (former)
  • President & CEO – Skin Medica, Inc (former)
  • CEO – Cooke Pharma (former)

Result: Our client added an individual who is an accomplished CEO, marketer and scientist in many areas of cosmeceuticals and consumer health goods. There were very pleased with the multiple fronts upon which she could lend her expertise and advice.