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At Apex Leaders, we are all competitive individuals and we’re focused on winning as a team. We reward both individual and team performance.

We are building a culture based on the following principles:

  • Care for the Team 

A high-functioning and successful team must have members who care for one another by creating an enjoyable work environment, being a team player, and checking egos at the door. Utilizing emotional intelligence, we show support, empathy, and respect to one another especially in times of stress. To be a successful team, each member must be collaborative, proactive, transparent, and an attentive listener. We want ‘A’ players with a good attitude who will be humble, open, and supportive of team decisions. 

  • Partnership Approach  

To serve our clients and one another, we aim to practice mutual respect and trust, utilize EQ, and maintain a 'service heart'. We view all parties at the table as equals. We encourage colleagues and business partners to come to discussions as thought partners. We strive to have long-term, lasting relationships built on patience, trust, and respect both internally and externally. We encourage flexibility in our business practices while maintaining our integrity.

  • Communicate Openly

As part of a healthy team environment, we encourage open communication by acknowledging the opinions and feelings of others. We urge healthy debate and meaningful conflict with the objective to learn and solve problems, not to win. We do not wait to address important issues or give constructive feedback. Constructive criticism is given and received with respect and a mind to improve and learn.

  • Driven to Excel

To contribute to the overall success of the company, each individual must remain aware of the needs of the team as well as their own priorities. We thrive on execution due to a sense of urgency and reliable time management. We encourage continuous learning with the expectation that it fuels the fire to succeed. Our drive and commitment towards common goals enable results that we are proud of.

  • Create Change

Innovation equates to making change for the better--better methods, ideas, or services. Our team strives to be open and adaptable to change. Individually, we are innately curious and determined problem solvers. We encourage each other to adopt a learning mindset, knowing we never have all the answers. Creativity is crucial as our success hinges on our ability to think outside the box. We embrace failure as part of an iterative process and we foster safe environments to brainstorm and test ideas, big or small, in every part of the business. We strive for excellence, not perfection.

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  • FAQ Careers

    What is the application process like?

    Apex Leaders uses an in-depth online application program to help screen and identify the most relevant candidates.  It will take you less than an hour to complete, but will help provide critical information to our Hiring Team. Once we have reviewed the information you provided in the application, we will contact you about next steps.

    Do I need to send my resume and cover letter?

    No, you do not need to send us a resume and cover letter. You will, however, need the information contained in such documents in order to fill out our online application program.

    Where can I find Apex Leaders job openings?

    Go to our Openings Page.  Apex Leaders is a company that is growing quickly, and we are looking for individuals to serve in a variety of roles: research, sales, lead generation, human resources, and operations. If you don’t see an opening that fits your background, but feel that your skillset would be well-suited for another area of the company, we encourage you to submit your resume by emailing us at

    What are we looking for in new employees?

    Apex Leaders is looking for talented people who are enthusiastic, intelligent, hard-working, and personable. It is also extremely important that potential new hires demonstrate all of our Values.  

    Is there a certain type or amount of experience in this industry required in order to apply?

    We are open to individuals with different professional experiences and to those who are just starting out in their careers. If you have relevant experience in private equity, consulting or executive search, all the better.

    Will I need to travel for an interview?

    Before a final offer is made, we will have at least one face-to-face interview. We enjoy getting to know our potential new hires in person, rather than through phone or email. In addition, we highly encourage those outside of Idaho to visit and see what makes it such a wonderful place to live. Our team is always happy to show potential new hires around town and explore what Boise has to offer! In fact many team members are not from Boise originally.  

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